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开云官方下载-滴滴再融资73亿美元 拼车应用烧钱大战加剧

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本文摘要:HONG KONG — With more internet users than any other country and a fast-rising middle class, China is one of the most sought-after markets in the world.香港——中国享有比其他任何国家都多的互联网用户,还有一个较慢发展壮大的中产阶级,由此沦为全球最炙手可热的市场之一。

HONG KONG — With more internet users than any other country and a fast-rising middle class, China is one of the most sought-after markets in the world.香港——中国享有比其他任何国家都多的互联网用户,还有一个较慢发展壮大的中产阶级,由此沦为全球最炙手可热的市场之一。Recent fund-raising rounds in the ride-sharing market show it is also one of the most expensive.拼车应用于市场最近经常出现的融资动作则表明出有,这也是最便宜的市场之一。The Chinese car-hailing app Didi Chuxing said on Thursday that it had brought in $7.3 billion in its latest round of fund-raising, which included Apple, Alibaba, and SoftBank as investors. The new funds give the company a total of $10.5 billion in disposable funds, and put its valuation at $28 billion, according to a person familiar with the fund-raising.中国微信软件滴滴上下班周四回应,它在最近一轮融资中筹得73亿美元资金,投资方还包括苹果(Apple)、阿里巴巴、软银(SoftBank)等。

据知情人士透漏,本轮融资令其这家企业握总计105亿美元的农村居民资金,并使其估值超过280亿美元。That Didi’s valuation is now almost half that of the $62.5 billion valuation of its main rival in China, Uber, shows how much potential investors see in China. Yet the size of the cash infusions also underscores the market’s difficulties.滴滴上下班目前的估值完全超过它在中国的主要竞争对手优步(Uber)的一半,后者的估值是625亿美元。这表明出有投资者有多么寄予厚望中国市场。然而,这么大规模的投资也突显出研发这个市场的可玩性。

In part because of China’s widespread blocking of foreign websites, the competition between Uber and Didi marks the first time in recent history a major foreign tech company has vied so intensely with a local Chinese business.优步和滴滴上下班之间的竞争,是近期历史上第一次有一家外国大技术公司与中国本土企业进行如此白热化的竞争。这在一定程度上是因为中国广泛封锁外国网站。

In other markets the contest over ride-sharing has focused on regulation and technology, but in China it has been much more about cash, with the two companies spending billions. The most recent round has also pulled in Apple, pitting America’s biggest tech company against America’s best-known start-up, Uber, in a tricky Chinese market. Both see China as critical to growth.在其他一些市场,拼车服务的竞争集中于在监管和技术方面,但在中国,这种竞争与资金的关联度要小得多。两家公司都砸下了数以亿计的资金。

最近这轮融资还将苹果公司纳了进去,令其美国规模仅次于的科技公司与美国最著名的创业公司在简单的中国市场产生了竞争关系。两家企业都指出中国市场对自身的快速增长至关重要。The fund-raising comes as executives from Didi and Uber have signaled that they are focusing on profitability in China.这轮融资经常出现的时刻正逢滴滴上下班和优步的高管均回应他们不会侧重减少在中国市场的盈利能力。

Although Didi has attracted investment from some of the largest technology companies in the world, Uber has vowed to plow profits from other markets into China, and this month announced $3.5 billion in new money from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.尽管滴滴上下班更有到一些全球仅次于的技术企业的投资,优步却允诺它不会将公司在其他市场取得的利润投放中国市场。本月,优步宣告从沙特阿拉伯主权财富基金取得了35亿美元的新投资。Uber gained first-mover advantage by introducing its business model, which relies on enlisting drivers to shuttle around passengers, complementing it with big subsidies. Didi quickly responded with its own service, offering similarly big inducements.通过引进自己的商业模式,优步取得了先发优势。

这种模式是召募司机载运乘客,辅之以大额补贴。滴滴上下班迅速以自己的服务作出对此,也获取类似于的大额奖励。Since then both companies have been locked in a spending war. Though it has primarily taken the form of subsidies, both companies have also tried to develop technology specific to China, and have actively wooed both local and national government officials.自那之后,两家企业陷于了烧钱大战。

尽管主要是以补贴的形式经常出现,但双方都企图研发出有专门针对中国市场的技术,同时大力亲近地方和中央政府官员。Didi has focused on technology that better predicts car arrival times, given China’s unruly traffic, while Uber has developed a commute function that links drivers with riders based on where they live and work.考虑到中国不高效率的交通状况,滴滴上下班侧重于更佳地预测车辆抵达时间,优步则研发出有一种通勤功能,基于乘客的居住地和工作地将他们与司机联系一起。Although both companies have said they plan to dial back spending, the new war chests accumulated by each may make that hard. Didi has said it is profitable in half of the 400 cities it operates in, while Uber has said it is spending a quarter what it was spending per ride in China last year and providing four times as many rides.尽管两家公司都回应他们计划增加开支,但双方新近累积的这些集训基金可能会让他们无法收手。


Uber continues to press Didi in smaller cities. Uber said in a recent news release it is now in 60 Chinese cities, and in Zhengzhou, a provincial capital in central China, Uber said it hit a million trips less than a month after it entered in late May.优步持续在规模较小的城市向滴滴上下班施加压力。它在最近公布的新闻稿中回应,公司现在的业务覆盖面积了中国60座城市。

优步透露,在5月底转入华中地区的省会城市郑州之后将近一个月的时间里,公司就获取了100万次乘坐服务。In its statement Didi said it had procured $4.5 billion in equity investment from Apple, China Life, Ant Financial and other existing shareholders like SoftBank, Tencent and Alibaba. China Merchants Bank offered a syndicated loan of up to $2.5 billion as a part of the fund-raising, and China Life offered $300 million as a long-term debt investment.滴滴上下班在声明中称之为,它从苹果、中国人寿、蚂蚁金服,以及软银、腾讯和阿里巴巴等其他现有股东那里取得了45亿美元的股权投资。